Inauguration of giant megaphones at Parc des Pionniers

Baie-Comeau, August 13, 2018. - The three giant megaphones were inaugurated at Parc des Pionniers in the presence of Viviane Richard, President of Baie-Comeau Cruises.

This investment of nearly $30,000 enabled the permanent installation of three large-scale wood structures, 12 feet in diameter and 12 feet deep. "The success of the economic development of our city is to chose to diversify our potential streams of income, whether they are large as a mine or small as a megaphone," mentioned Viviane Richard, President of Baie-Comeau Cruises. At the origin of the project, in addition to the desire to improve Parc des Pionniers, Baie-Comeau Cruises wanted to develop a sense of pride in the St. Lawrence River. Thus, the giant megaphones are a rest area, an opportunity to take the time to stop and appreciate the proximity of nature around us. These sites will consequently be able to serve as places to gather exchange and create, for citizens, tourists and artists. Baie-Comeau Cruises also plans to promote events to highlight the extraordinary potential of these unique and remarkable spaces.

These giant wooden structures are an integral part of a major project funded by Tourisme Québec to develop the tourist circuit surrounding the Cruise terminal and the Parc des Pionniers in order to improve the tourist welcome and offer. The realization of this distinct concept was also possible thanks to the work done by Julie Tremblay, wood worker and owner of the local company Au Passé Recomposé.


Each megaphone has a plaque in recognition of the ongoing commitment of three Baie-Comeau Cruises resources. "I have the pleasure and the honor to announce you that, just like the pioneers of Baie-Comeau who named the bells of St. Amelie’s Church, we, descendants of these pioneers, have decided that our megaphones will also have their name." said Viviane Richard, President of Baie-Comeau cruises. "When you are lucky enough to be around dedicated people, it is difficult to give them back, at least in part, all of their solicitude. Ms. Sophie St-Gelais (coordinator with the organization since its foundation), Ms. Renée Dumas (executive director and employee for nearly eight years) and Ms. Reina Savoie-Jourdain (ex-officio president) remain pillars in the cruise industry in Baie-Comeau. That is why we wanted to express our gratitude and sincere thanks to all of them for their exceptional contribution," she added.

About Baie-Comeau Cruises

Baie-Comeau Cruises is a non-profit organization whose mission is to showcase tourist attractions and businesses in the Manicouagan region in order to promote Baie-Comeau as a cruise ship port of call in international markets.

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