Tourist attractions

Downtown Baie-Comeau is just 1.5km (1mile) from the port, a 20-minute walk or a free shuttle ride away from the cruise terminal. You will find restaurants, cafés, an art gallery and specialty shops featuring regional products. Le Boisé de la Pointe-Saint-Gilles is a nature reserve right in the heart of Baie-Comeau. This boreal forest park boasts 11km (6.8 miles) of walking paths, as well as sculptures, rest areas and interpretative panels on local plants and wildlife. The 175ha (432acre) site is located along the St. Lawrence River and offersa number of lovely viewpoints.

Parc des pionniers Park (1km - 0.6mi from port)

Parc des pionniers is a beautiful site along the St. Lawrence River complete with a paved bike path, a picnic area and access to Champlain Beach.

Claude Bonneau Art Gallery (1.5km - 1mi from port)

Claude Bonneau is a self-taught and highly creative painter—the genuine article. Antique exhibit and paintings for sale.

Borale Soap Factory (1.5km - 1mi from port)

Learn about the steps involved in making and processing Borale “extra pure” soap. This 100% biodegradable soap is made with essential oils from the boreal forest. A quality product for all skin types.

St-Pancrace Microbrewery (1.5km - 1mi from port)

The North Shore’s first microbrewery offers local flavored beers brewed on-site as well as a selection of Québec-made whiskies and spirits. The kitchen also serves local specialties in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Trés’Art d’ici (Artwork) (1.5km - 1mi from port)

Works for sale by North Shore artists. Workshops on panel painting, drawing, imitation stained glass, China and fabric painting, oil painting, and more.

North Shore Historical Society (1.5km - 1mi from port)

Discover the heritage of the North Shore through an exhibition and learn all about the region’s history and genealogy.

Church of St. Amelia (2.3km - 1.43mi from port)

Admire this remarkable church and learn about the history of its construction, its hidden treasures, and the story of the master artist Nincheri through a multimedia presentation. His frescoes cover five times the space of those in the Sistine Chapel.

St. Andrew & St-Georges Anglican Church (2.3km - 1.43mi from port)

This lovely Anglican church dates from 1937 and was the first church in the region. Built in the Tudorstyle, it is a gem of Québec’s religious heritage.

Manoir (2.5km - 1.55mi from port)

In 1937, the same year he founded the town of Baie-Comeau, Colonel Robert Rutherford McCormick built a sumptuous manor, whose dining room, terrace, and gardens afford spectacular views of the St. Lawrence River.

Boisé de la Pointe St-Gilles Park (3.7km - 2.3mi from port)

A wonderful spot for naturelovers right in downtown Baie-Comeau. This splendid woodland boasts a variety of trails in the heart of town and the surrounding boreal forest.

Golf (10km - 6.2mi from port)

The Baie-Comeau Golf Club extends along both sidesof the Amédée River in an exceptional environment in the center of town. The riverbanks are home to some of the most diverse fauna and flora on the North Shore. Designed by the renowned Graham Cooke, this public18-hole course offers golfers of all calibers a challenge that everyone will appreciate. Graham Cooke was able to successfully incorporate features of the mixed forest landscape along the Amédée River and its tributaries to maintain plant and animal habitat and providea rich and pleasant golfing experience.

Seashell Valley (16km - 9.9mi from port)

Deep in the boreal forest, discover a bed of millions of seashells deposited in the same spot over 10,000 years. This geological site is testament to the post-glacial period when the entire region lay beneath an ancient sea.

Havre St-Pancrace Lookout (16km - 9.9mi from port)

Admire magnificent viewsof Havre St. Pancrace Bay from atop this 600m (1,968 ft.) lookout. During prohibition in the 1930s this isolated spot was a popular delivery point for contraband liquor! Perfect photo stop.

Franquelin’s Lumberjack Village (29km - 18mi from port)

The forest industry was crucial to the development of the North Shore. Activities such as cutting, hauling, log driving, and other aspects of logging life are presented at this interpretation center. Get a taste of a typical lumberjack meal, which clocked in at around 2,000 calories!

Manic 2 (29km from port)

Manic-2 is one of the world’s largest hollow-joint gravity dams. It is linked to a generating station powerful enough to supply electricity to a city of 250,000 inhabitants.

Nature Park (38km - 23.6mi from port)

Climb aboard an inflatable boat with a guide and discover our vast nature park salt marshes. Gliding through the channels, you will find yourself in the heart of the marsh where you can sample edible plants and learn more about what it takes to survive in this environment. During this adventure, you can harvest plankton and other small organisms at the bottom of this marine food chain.

Manic 5 (214km - 133mi from port)

Manic-5 is the largest multiple-arch-buttress dam in the world. Its unique design is a true monument to Québec engineering.

 Art is a miror (2.5km - 1.55mi from port)
Masterful exhibition of 80 paintings illustrating the history of Canadian painting according to Jérémie Giles (Mance Pavilion)